Goliad Technologies operates as a streamlined organization, boasting no employees. In 2022, we managed with a mere $1,500 in cash contributions. Our vital operations are made possible thanks to our dedicated volunteers and the kindness of businesses that provide services either free of charge or at discounted rates. Indeed, our need for volunteers surpasses our need for funds. Kindly get in touch with [email protected].

Goliad Technologies is a Texas based 501(c)(3) organization and donations are tax deductible

EIN: 86-2365204

Supporting an organization like Goliad Technologies, which focuses on preserving the digital legacy of internet forums, has several compelling reasons. Here are some of the key reasons why someone might consider donating:

  1. Preservation of Digital History: Just as we value physical artifacts, books, and manuscripts that offer a window into the past, digital content is also a representation of our era’s collective knowledge and culture. Donating ensures that future generations have access to this digital history.
  2. Support for Research: Academics, sociologists, historians, and other researchers can benefit immensely from the archives. The dialogues, discussions, and exchanges on these forums can provide a rich source of information about societal trends, opinions, and shifts over time.
  3. Protection Against Digital Erosion: Many digital platforms are vulnerable to data losses, shutdowns, or other forms of digital decay. Financial support ensures that there’s an active effort to prevent the loss of valuable online content.
  4. Open Access to Information: By supporting an organization that uses open-source platforms, donors are championing the cause of free access to information, ensuring that data remains accessible to all, rather than being hidden behind paywalls or becoming proprietary.
  5. Promotion of Digital Neutrality: Goliad Technologies’ commitment to collecting data without bias towards any political or ideological group means that the history being preserved is broad, comprehensive, and representative of diverse voices.
  6. Technological and Operational Costs: Maintaining servers, ensuring data integrity, developing and updating open-source platforms, and collaborating with active forums all require resources. Donations can help offset these operational expenses.
  7. Educational Value: The archives can serve as an invaluable resource for educators and students, providing real-world insights into various subjects, trends, and historical events.
  8. Safeguarding Against Censorship: Internet content can be vulnerable to censorship, be it by governments, corporations, or other entities. By archiving content, there’s an assurance that even if original sources are tampered with or deleted, an authentic record still exists.
  9. Civic Responsibility: For those who have actively participated in digital discussions and forums, donating can feel like a way to give back and ensure that the platforms that enriched their lives remain available for others.
  10. Tax Benefits: As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, donations made to Goliad Technologies could be tax-deductible (depending on jurisdiction and individual financial situations), offering a financial incentive to potential donors.

In summary, donating to an organization like Goliad Technologies is not just about preserving bytes of data; it’s about ensuring that the rich tapestry of online dialogues, discussions, and communities isn’t lost to time.